When you're creating scored attributes for your performance reviews, you can choose between displaying the scale as text options or numbers.  If you don't believe in assigning your employees a numeric value when it comes to their performance, text options are a great alternative without sacrificing performance analytics.

Scored Attribute Creation

To choose a display option, click into the drop-down menu shown below.  If you hover your cursor over the circled "i" to the right, you'll see a preview of how this option will appear to review participants.

Note: You can find the step-by-step process to creating a scored attribute here

In Reviews

When a manager writes their performance review, they can see the text definition of the scored attribute scale displayed as numbers by hovering their cursor over each numeral.

When you display the scale as text options, managers will not see an associated numeric value.  Hovering their cursor over the text does not reveal a number.

During Calibration

Calibration will work very similarly whether you are working with text or numerical options. 

Numerical scored attributes will display the numerical value for each attribute when calibrating. The delta between the pre- and post-calibrated scores will display as numerical.

Text scored attributes will not display the associated numerical value for each attribute when calibrating. However, the delta between the pre- and post-calibrated scores will still display as numerical.

In Review Packets

Reviewees' results will also respect the display options you chose when creating the scored attribute.  If you choose to display the responses as text options, that's how they will appear in both the final .pdf review packet and the online preview. 

Numerical-only Review Packet:

Text-only Review Packet:

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