The Lattice app is helping streamline the 1:1 process by allowing users to add talking points directly from Slack. We make it easy to maintain your agenda without having to leave one of the tools you use most. This article outlines how to use the Lattice Slack app to add talking points to your next 1:1. 

To begin using the Lattice Slack App:

  • You can start a direct message within the Lattice App:
  • Or you can navigate to your Apps section in your Slack profile and click on “Lattice” to open the app and begin a direct message:

Adding 1:1 Talking Points

Add talking points via the Slack Bot: 

Step 1: To begin interacting with the Lattice app, type “Help” for a list of actions you can take or type "Typing Point": 

Step 2: Select "New 1:1 talking point".

Step 3: Add your talking point in the "What do you want to talk about?" field and select the user you want to discuss it with from the dropdown menu:

Note: Only users you currently have a 1:1 relationship with will appear in the dropdown menu. 

Add agenda items via message action in any Slack channel or Direct Message:

Step 1: In Slack, click on the ellipsis to the right of the message you wish to include as a talking point. 

Step 2: Select "Add as 1:1 talking point in Lattice":

Step 3: Follow the same steps above to add your talking point to your next 1:1 agenda

Note: Hyperlinks in Slack will appear as the full link URL in your agenda. 

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