1. What is engagement, and why should you measure it?

In this webinar, we'll talk about how measuring employee engagement can help give you actionable feedback about your company culture and improve the employee experience. To view this webinar, click here

2. Lattice Engagement Surveys: Uncovering Culture Insights
Engagement Surveys in Lattice are the best way to get an understanding of how your employees feel about your company. We'll show you how to launch a survey and then analyze the results along with your Performance data. To view this webinar, click here

3. Lattice Pulse Surveys: Continuous Engagement Metrics
Along with Engagement Surveys, Pulse Surveys are quick, regular checks with employees to see how engagement is trending over time. We'll show you how to set up your Pulse Survey and how to view and share the results. To view this webinar, click here

4. Engagement Week Wrap Up
To wrap up Engagement Week 2020, we will be offering some additional time for any questions you may have about the Lattice Engagement tool. If you did not get a chance to join this session and have questions about Engagement, please register for office hours here

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