Different States of a Pulse Question

Active - Question is currently being sent to employees
Paused - Question is not being sent to employees but the data remains
Removed - Question is not being asked to employees and no data is available to view

Why Pause or Remove Pulse Survey Questions?

Pausing Pulse Questions

You are no longer interested in gathering data on a question, but you still want to have access to the data. By pausing particular questions, Admins can still view data on questions that are no longer actively being asked in Pulse Surveys. 

Removing Pulse Questions

You are no longer interested in gathering or reviewing data on a Pulse question.

How to Remove or Pause Pulse Survey Questions

Step 1: Select "Change configuration" in your Pulse Survey settings

Step 2: Select the ellipsis to the right of the question and select to either "Pause" or "Remove" it

Step 3: Select "Continue to cadence" to save your paused or removed questions prior to exiting out

Keep in mind, if you remove a question and then re-add it to a Pulse Survey, any previous data will return in the results section of Pulse. 

When a question is paused it will be gray in the Results page of your Pulse Survey

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected] or by clicking on the chat icon located on the bottom right of your screen.

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