2020 has arrived and we are so here for it. Current debate going on around our office: has the new decade already started, or do we need to wait for 2021 (there was no Year Zero, am I right?). Reply to this email to let us know what you think. Other than that, let’s get you up to speed on what’s new in Lattice to start the year ⤵️

Your Go-to For Adoption and Onboarding: The Change Management Hub

We understand that introducing Lattice to new employees or launching a new feature to your whole company is challenging. At the same time, we recognize that making sure your team understands the purpose of Lattice's role in your people strategy is critical.

The Change Management Hub, part of Lattice University, is a place where you can find resources to make that easier. We already published several editable slide deck templates quickly introducing Lattice's features for you to download and customize however you'd like. Keep an eye out for many more resources soon, including email templates, one pagers, and more.

Here's how you can access the Change Management Hub in Lattice University.

Scoreless Rating Questions

We learned through feedback from you that when it comes to Performance Reviews, assigning a numbered score to evaluate an employee’s performance doesn’t work for every culture, but understanding insights through Review Analytics has become a must for teams of all shapes and sizes trying to make strategic decisions about their people.

This past month, we introduced the ability to create scales for Rating Questions that do not use numbered scores. That way, reviewers never have to decide whether someone is a “2” or a “3”  but admins gain the ability to report on performance results.

This ultimately gives you all the flexibility to configure whether the numbered score or rating description is displayed when completing a review and in both the web and PDF packets. You can read more about it in the help center.

Simplified Engagement Comment Export

Admins now have the ability to export all comments for questions where the anonymity threshold is met. We know clicking and selecting every comment for export made it difficult and painful to analyze the data. The new flow delivers an export that contains the question, theme, and comment automatically. You’ll now see a dropdown that allows you to export the results or export comments.

Automated Reviews & Two Review Flow Enhancements

A few pretty big changes going live in Review Automation include a new Reviews Auditing page, new creation logic, and a new set up flow to make Automation a significantly easier and more flexible process for admins. Check out more details about the changes in the help center!

And here’s an update to the review writing order for when managers go last! After you submit your Self Review, you are then taken to the upward review, not the direct reports review. If you have no upward review, you are taken to the peer reviews. Previously, reviewers were taken to their direct reports which caused confusion since those typically are submitted later in the process.


Additionally, we’ve made a change to how Goals are integrated into Reviews. Before, only Goals that were ended and marked as complete were being pulled into the Review Template. Now, all Goals marked ended (both complete and archived) will be incorporated.

Quick Hits

  • Engagement & Pulse Survey Comment Display Logic: Lattice now displays comments when the total number of question responses is greater than or equal to the anonymity threshold. Previously, comments displayed only when the total number of comments was greater than or equal to the anonymity threshold. This caused problems when an acceptable number of people responded to a survey question but only one person left a comment. Now you gain access to those insights.
  • Peer Selection Overload Warning: Peer selection can be a painful process for large companies where a few employees can end up being selected to write a huge number of peer reviews (seriously, we’ve seen things like 25+ for one person). We’ve now added a configurable warning banner keeping in mind that we can influence people to request a different reviewer without implementing a hard cap, or admins having to manually make changes themselves.

Upcoming Webinars

Goals Week 2020 was a huge success. Check out all the great content available for replay to get ready for setting and crushing your company or team goals this year. 

Want a recap of everything Lattice released in Q4? Watch the replay of What’s New in Lattice (Q4 2019) from earlier this month.

If you’re hungry for some more content, check out our recent product deep dive and admin webinars 👇

And for a list of all of our webinars, visit our Help Center.

Have questions about Lattice or ideas on how I can make this email more useful? Shoot me a reply below ✍️

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The Lattice Team

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