1. Picking a Goal Framework  

In this webinar, we discuss different Goal frameworks like OKRs and SMART Goals and how to utilize them within Lattice. To view this this webinar, click here!

2. Setting Goals with your Team 

Empower your team to track their personal and professional objectives and link them to other company and department initiatives. In the webinar we walk you through creating a Goal Cycle and best practices for communicating and encouraging your team. To view this webinar, click here

3.  Managing and Administering Goals 

Once your Goal Cycle is up and running, we'll help you understand participation, walk you through the admin and team views, training managers to set goals properly with their employees, and best practices for keeping them accountable. To view this this webinar, click here!

4. Understanding Goal Progress & Goal Analytics 

In this final lesson, we will discuss different ways to track your organization's Goal Cycle progress and walk through Lattice's reporting capabilities. This will arm you with the information you need to help your managers understand their team's progress and align for the next Goal Cycle. To view this this webinar, click here!

5. Goals Week Office Hours - January 27, 2020

To wrap up Goals Week 2020, we will be offering some additional time for any questions you may have about the Lattice Goals tool. To view this this webinar, click here!

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