Every year around this time we take a moment to look back and reflect on this past trip around the Sun. What a year we had in 2019. This is the last Lattice Update before 2020 so I have to tell you, in this moment of deep appreciation, it was only great because of all of you. Thank you for being our customers, our partners, and our friends. We can’t wait to keep building the future of people strategy with you. 

Now, here’s what we were up to this past month ⤵️

Immediate Access to Survey Insights

Until now, the only way to access a saved view of survey results was through the shared email link you get via Lattice. But we know we can do better than that. Starting today, any user who has had a saved view shared with them will be able to see that view on the ‘You’ tab under the engagement section, for direct access to those relevant insights. 

Plus, Admins now have the ability to create saved views for Lattice Pulse results so you can share relevant insights with others in your organization. Pulse response data can be shared in full, or as a filtered dataset built for a more focused or individualized view. 

Read more about Saved Views for Pulse on the help center.

Goal Explorer Analytics 

Last month, we mentioned we're starting to go deeper with reporting on Goals. How frequently are you left wondering how the company is doing on achieving its objectives? Or how goal progress varies from department to department? Do you know where your attention is really needed to make sure the business is hitting its targets?

We recently introduced Goal Analytics for Company and Department Goals as well as all of the Tags you use to organize them. And now we’re bringing further analytical capabilities to the Goals Explorer.

If you wanted to quickly know the status of all P1 Goals Owned by Emily, well, now you can in Goals Explorer. Similarly, you can view the status of all department goals of Engineering, Product, and Design in one view, or all goals tagged with “SMB Sales.”

All those filter configurations generate unique URLs within Lattice, so an employee can bookmark a combination of filters and come back to it anytime they want. Check out more on the help center

An Even Bigger Office Party

Remember when we built the Office Party game last month in Lattice Mobile to help you learn and match your colleagues’ names and faces?

Well, the funnest thing in your Lattice Mobile app is now on desktop. This is accessible from the ‘You’ tab right below your Manager and Peers tiles.

Check out more about Office Party here

Upcoming Webinars

Want a recap of everything Lattice released in Q4? Tune into What’s New in Lattice (Q4 2019) on January 8, 2020. And if Reviews Week helped you spin up your end-of-year review, keep your eyes peeled for Goals Week in January to help you build a super strong goal-setting process. 

If you’re hungry for some more content, check out our recent product deep dive and admin webinars 👇

And for a list of all of our webinars, visit our Help Center.

Have questions about Lattice or ideas on how I can make this email more useful? Shoot me a reply below ✍️

Happy Holidays,

The Lattice Team

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