As companies grow it becomes harder and harder to know all of your coworkers. Office Party is a great tool admins can use to help introduce new team members to Lattice during their onboarding experience! 

A few things to keep in mind: 

  1. Office Party will only selects a coworkers who have a profile pic
  2. Names are suggested based off of the set gender in Lattice
  3. When you select the correct name the Office Party will let you know their title and department

Turning On Office Party

Step 1: Navigate to your "Admin" Panel

Step 2: Within the "Company" tab, click into "Settings"

Step 3: Scroll down until you see "Office Party" and toggle it on. Don't forget to save your settings!

Accessing Office Party

Step 1: Start on your "You" page, scroll down to the bottom and select "Play Office Party" on the lefthand side

Step 2: Select the name based on the picture you see

If you select the correct name you will receive, "Success" with confetti:

If you guess incorrectly, you will see a red X:

To access Office Party on the Mobile app, check out this help center article. Good Luck! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you able to disable this feature after it's turned on?
A: Please note, once you enable this feature, you cannot turn it off. 

Q: Can employees see the scores of the game?
A: Not yet! But if this data is something you'd be interested in, please get in touch with our Customer Care team at [email protected] 

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