In Lattice, only Admins have the ability to re-open a submitted review.  We'll walk through the steps to do so, depending upon which stage of the review process you're in, below.  When you re-open a submitted review, the reviewer will be able to change all of their previously submitted feedback without having to write a new review from scratch.  This is commonly used to allow reviewers to edit typos, fix formatting, or add more information and context.

Note: if you're reading this article as a reviewer who needs to make changes, we kindly ask that you reach out to your internal Lattice Admins to re-open your reviews.

Re-Opening a Submitted Review in an Active Cycle

These instructions outline the steps you need to take to re-open a submitted review before the review cycle has ended.  

Step 1: Enter the review cycle, and then click on the "Reviewers" tab

Step 2: Find the reviewer, and then click on their name/row to open the context panel on the right.

Step 3: Click "Edit" next to the heading of the review you want to re-open in the context panel

Step 4: Click "(reopen)" next to the name of the reviewee

After clicking "(reopen)", you should see the confirmation message shown above on the bottom of your screen.  The reviewer can now edit and resubmit their feedback.

Note: Reviewees will not be notified when their review has been reopened.

Re-Opening a Submitted Review in a Closed Cycle

If the reviewee or review cycle is closed, there is one additional step necessary to re-open submitted reviews.

Step 1:  Re-open the reviewee (from the Reviewees tab) by clicking the "..." button to the right of their name, and then "Reopen reviews for reviewee"

 Re-opening a reviewee will allow any reviewers who didn't submit their review before the end of the cycle to do so.  Please continue to the step below to allow reviewers who submitted their results to make changes.

Note: You can re-open reviewees from either the "Reviews" or "Share" stage on the left, but step 2 will require you to navigate to the "Reviews" stage. 

Step 2: Re-open the submitted review by following the steps in the first half of this article.

Note: you can also re-open submitted reviews from the reviewee's context panel within the reviewees tab (shown below).  Use whichever workflow is more intuitive to you!

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected] or by clicking on the chat icon located on the bottom right of your screen.

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