Once you have navigated to the Notification Center, there are two options for how notifications can be sent to participants in Reviews— through Slack and/or through Email. 

As each phase of a review cycle advances, Admins will have the ability to notify the participants of any tasks they need to complete. 

For example: 

  • Peers that need to be selected or approved.
  • Reviews that need to be written.
  • Packets that need to be finalized (by managers, in the Post-Review Process).
  • Review packets that have been shared and need to be signed off on.

By checking the box to the right of Reviews, you can choose if you would like these notifications only to be sent via Slack, only to be sent via email (this is our default), or both.

Lattice has a number of automated and customizable notifications that are sent to employees during the review process.  We'll break down these notifications by review stage, Admin action, and who receives the e-mail.

Note: Slack notifications are sent via the Lattice App, and appear as shown below.

Peer Selection Notifications

If peer reviews are enabled, these are messages your users may receive during that stage.

If employees are nominating their own peer reviewers...

Peer selection launch email (fully customizable):

Peer Selection reminder email:

When a direct report finishes nominating their peers, managers will receive:

If managers are selecting peer reviewers for their direct reports...

Peer selection launch email for managers:

Reminder notification for managers:

Review Writing Notifications

These notifications occur after you end peer selection (if applicable), and launch the review.  

Review launch email (fully customizable):

Reminder notification for reviewers (fully customizable):

If you elect to have managers write their reviews "Only after all other reviews are submitted for their direct reports", they'll receive the following email once those conditions are met:

Or, if you unlock the manager review as an Admin, managers will see:

If you add a late reviewee, they will receive:

If you add a late reviewer, they will receive:

Review Sharing Notifications

After you end the review cycle, managers will receive one of the following notifications prompting them to view and then share their direct reports' results.

With summary remarks enabled, managers will receive:

Without summary remarks, managers will receive:

If your review includes a step for calibration or weighted scores managers will receive an email (fully customizable):

When a manager shares results, their direct report will receive:

When a direct report confirms receipt of their review packet, their manager will receive:

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