Did you think these were going to get shorter as we got closer to the end of the year? So did I, but our product team had other ideas. Here’s what we were up to in October:

Sentiment Analysis

If you were at Resources for Humans Live (our first conference ever 🎉) , you saw us announce this brand new feature, on-stage. Jack, our CEO and co-founder, talked quite a bit about how at the end of every performance review season, People teams are left with a mountain of open-text data that’s rich with qualitative feedback, but virtually impossible to digest.

But with the right applications of machine learning, we can not only make this data usable, but deliver instant insights from it. 

So now, we’re introducing intelligence to the Lattice platform for the first time with Sentiment Analysis for performance review data. 

With Lattice Sentiment Analysis, you can instantly discover patterns, issues, and opportunities you would never otherwise find in your performance review data. By leveraging Natural Language Processing technology, People teams will unlock new avenues for analysis through massive gains in efficiency and insight. Once your Review Cycle is complete, we’ll assign a Sentiment Score to every Review comment, finally enabling you to quantify and analyze free-text data. 

Check out all this and more on the Help Center!

Lattice Mobile 

Have you gotten tired of our mobile updates yet? Neither have I! 

Starting today, you can leverage Lattice Mobile for way more of what you need from People Management like: 

Oh, and did I mention we built a game inside Lattice Mobile to help you match your co-workers’ names and faces? Check out Office Party by tapping the 🎉 button in the top-right corner of your Lattice Directory on mobile — it’s almost as fun as an actual party with your teammates. 

Download Lattice Mobile for your iOS or Android device. 

Goal Analytics

How frequently are you left wondering things like how the company is doing on its goals? Or how goal achievement varies from department to department? Do you know where your attention is really needed to make sure the business is hitting its objectives?

Now, Lattice instantly surfaces Goal Analytics for Company and Department Goals as well as all of the #Tags you use to organize them. So whether Engineering needs a friendly reminder to update their goal progress, or if it looks like Marketing could be more aligned with the company’s goals, you get immediate visibility to those actionable metrics. 

Additionally, if you use Goal Cycles, you’re going to love this. Goal Cycles already provide valuable context for goal-setting and tracking and enable companies to coordinate, organize and report on multiple goals. Now, we’ve now made it easier to determine which Goal Cycles certain goals belong to by introducing it as a field in the Goals Export and adding a filter to the Goals Explorer. 

Numeric Custom Attributes

This extends Lattice’s existing Custom Attribute functionality beyond multiple-choice and relationship attributes. Now Lattice admins may, for example, be able to analyze Engagement results by salary ranges, or job level, or even… number of 🧢s (seriously, you could 👇). 

When you create a numeric custom attribute, you will also define the relevant numeric ranges that go along with that attribute. This allows you to define the ranges or options that will be available for analysis or in filters. Read more on the Help Center

Import Logging Enhancements

When you have questions like “Why is this new employee not showing up in Lattice?” or “Why is this manager change not reflected in Lattice?” we know that you need to be able to find an answer. You may remember last month, we added in-platform Import Logging for BambooHR, Namely, and SFTP integrations. This month, we’ve done the same for Zenefits and Rippling integrations and added email alerts for failed imports that keep you and your IT admins in the loop when something’s not quite right. 

In doing so, we’re improving the interoperability between systems and giving you the knowledge you need to make sure things are in-sync between Lattice and your HRIS.

Quick Hits

  • Individual notification preferences: When a company has both email and Slack notifications turned on, employees will now be able to choose which medium they would prefer. You want Reviews notifications to your email inbox and Updates to Slack? Easy! In addition, employees can choose to turn off a few notifications like the goal digest, 1:1 notifications, and Update reminders. Employees now have more control of their notifications.
  • Unarchive previously Archived Custom Attributes: Have you ever made a mistake? If you answered yes, boy do we have the feature for you! You can now re-enable an Archived Custom Attribute from the Archived tab on the User Attributes page. 
  • Auto-incomplete goals when employee is deactivated: when an employee gets deactivated (either from a manual action or an HRIS sync), any active goals they are the sole owner of are automatically marked incomplete. Now you won't have to individually clean up those goals!

Upcoming Webinars

If you’re hungry for some more content, check out our recent product deep dive and admin webinars 👇

And for a list of all of our webinars, visit our Help Center.

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The Lattice Team

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