Often times review packets for an employee are different than what the reviewees manager will see. Depending on the settings you have selected, your packet may look different. Below are some examples of common review packets. 

When configuring your review settings, there are a few settings relating to scores that can be included in a review packet. When configuring your review, in the "scores" section there is an option to include or exclude scored attributes. In the picture below you can select which attributes to include for that cycle.

In the "Deliverables" section of the review setup you will be able to toggle which scores will be available to the reviewee in their review packet.  All scored attributes included in the review will be visible to the manager in their packet.  

If you have selected to "Share all feedback, but with peers' and direct reports' comments anonymized" in the deliverables section, your review packet will look like this: 

If you have selected to "Share all feedback with the reviewers name attached", your review packet will look like this: 

Lastly, if you are having a manager fill out a review template and the manager is writing a summary, the review packet for the employee will look as follows: 

Review response visibility while the Review Cycle is active

Once your company is in an active Review Cycle you may want to understand who has visibility into the Peer and Upward feedback you are providing. The subject of the review does not have access to that feedback while the Review is active.

Peer Feedback
When providing Peer feedback the subject of the feedback will not have access to responses while the Review Cycle is active. This type of feedback will go to the subject's Manager to summarize and share once the Review Cycle ends. Below is an example of what the Manager will see when Peer feedback has been submitted for their Direct Report.

Below we can see what Maria, the subject of the Peer Review, may see when completing her Self Review.

Upward Feedback
In this example, we can see the Upward feedback shared by Sara and Maria about their Manager Diana. We are viewing this from Diana’s Manager visibility, in this case Sara and Maria’s skip level Manager.

In this second view, we are accessing the Maria's reviews from the Team page under Diana, Maria's Manager. Here,  Diana the Manager does not have access to the Upward feedback that had been provided by  Maria.

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