If you want to confirm that your integration has synced successfully, you can check in the integration log.

How to Access Your Import Log

Step 1: Navigate to your "Admin" panel

Step 2: Under "People" on the left hand side, click into "Import Log"

From here, you can view what synced successfully, and what needs to be troubleshooted.  You can view what occurred within Lattice by looking at the "Description" column. 

Note: Each integration system has a slightly different import log. To take a look at your specific HRIS import log, reference the help center articles below. If you are using Workday, this would be considered an SFTP sync.

The HRIS Import Logs

Import Log Email Alerts

Within your Import Log, you have three statuses that indicate the success of the integration. The red "X" indicates that the sync failed and no users were uploaded.

Lattice now sends out a notification email to your admins notifying them that the sync failed.

How to Configure Who Receives These Emails

Step 1: Navigate to your "Admin" panel
Step 2: Under "People", click into "Import log"
Step 3: In the top right corner, click on "Configure alerts"

Step 4: Search for the employee name and hit "Enter". Make sure to save your changes!

This user will now receive notifications when an import failed. They will receive an email that will give them further insights on why the sync did not carry over.

To view more insights into why your sync failed, check out your import log.

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