Lattice's NLP engine leverages leading artificial intelligence and machine technology to provide the most accurate and rapid sentiment tagging possible. The sentiment analysis provides a way for admins to quickly analyze the results of comment based responses in review packets. 

Note: Sentiment scores are only visible to Admin users. They are not shared with Managers or Reviewees.

How to Access an Employee's Sentiment Scores

Step 1: Navigate to your "Admin" panel

Step 2: Under the "Reviews" tab, click into "Auditing"

Step 3: Click into the review cycle that you want to view results for

Step 4: Within your review cycle, toggle over to the "Results" tab

Step 5: Select a comparison for "Open-ended Comments"

Cards will show an average sentiment with three faces: happy, neutral, and unhappy. 

Note: There may be a delay in the sentiment being calculated

The number shown reflects the groups and filters on the graph below the selections.

1-3.33 = Negative Score

3.34-6.7 = Neutral Score

6.7+ = Positive Score

Within this data table, you are able to hover over each sentiment score to gain some further insights on each review response. 

As an admin, you can also view this sentiment score within a particular reviewee's review packst in Lattice. 

Note: this is shown on the web packet, but not within the PDF packet

Which Languages does NLP work with?

NLP will work with the following languages: 

  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean 
  • Portuguese (Brazilian and Continental)
  • Russian 
  • Spanish

If your language is not supported, Lattice will show a warning sign. 

Questions? Feel free to consult our Customer Care Team at [email protected] 

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