As you are thinking about how you want to evaluate your employees in your review cycle, you may want to give each employee an overall score. In Lattice, there are two ways employees can receive scores in Lattice. 

The first is a ratings style question. Rating questions are created in the question bank and pulled into any reviewers review template, if that question has been pulled into an "in-use" template

The second option is using scored attributes. Scored attributes are created prior to the launch of a review cycle and are configured in the review cycle set up. 

Which one should I use?

Below are a list of things to start consider when deciding how to score your employees: 

Which reviewers should submit a rating?

If you want only the manager to submit a rating, use a scored attribute. Scored attributes are completed by managers (or by anyone completing a manager review) and are completed within the manager review template. 

If you want multiple employees providing ratings, use rating questions. Ratings questions are completed by a review group and averaged across respondents. 

Do you want to have a calibration step?

If you want to have a calibration step, incorporate scored attributes and numberless scored attributes in your review cycle. Calibration helps ensure that employees are all evaluated together, on the same scale. This step comprises the scored attributes submitted by managers. 

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