Did you see what we did in September?

You didn’t?!

Let me catch you up. We had a very, VERY busy month and we’re excited to share everything with you. You’re going to want to read, read, read!  👀👇

Lattice Pulse

This one is HUGE. Lattice Pulse is a major extension of our Engagement product that provides real-time insights to business and people leaders through continuous employee pulse surveys (which they can complete in Slack, and both Lattice Web & Mobile apps!), allowing you to more rapidly improve company culture. 

With the insights, people leaders are able to inspire meaningful change within their organizations – improving critical business metrics like individual and company performance, productivity, and retention. With Pulse, you’ll be able to:

  • Contextualize deep dive engagement survey data with real-time Pulse insights to gain a rich understanding of employee feedback.
  • Share learnings and metrics with your team and people leaders so everyone can be fully informed at every moment.
  • Track engagement over time to observe how new initiatives and changes impact the employee experience in real-time so you can course-correct or double-down.

Interested in learning more about Pulse? Check out this quick video 👇 we made for you or read more on the Help Center.

Feedback Nudges & Praise Wall

We gave you a sneak preview last month of the Lattice Praise Wall, but we took building a culture of feedback one step further in September by also introducing Feedback Nudges. With both of these, incorporating a culture of feedback as a part of everyday work becomes SO much easier. Ultimately, you’ll: 

  • Ensure everyone gets the feedback they need when they need it with built-in Nudges for feedback across the employee experience, everyone in your company will be getting the recognition, praise and feedback they need to do their best work. 
  • Always keep your company values front-and-center: The Lattice Praise Wall lets you highlight the best performance in your company throughout your workspace. Customize feedback and public Praise by tagging with cultural values and reinforce those things that make your company unique and amazing.

Shoutouts to our customers who have already started using the Praise Wall and have sent us photos of praise around their offices – we have been LOVING them 🙌! Read more on the Help Center about the Praise Wall and Feedback Nudges.


We just snuck this one in at the tail-end of September and are stoked to introduce you to the Lattice Benchmark — an easy-to-understand score that lets you know how your company stacks up against Lattice customers asking the same engagement questions of their employees. The Lattice Benchmark helps you… 

  • Gain confidence through context: Know that your conclusions and actions are informed by data from real companies facing the same challenges and focusing on the same initiatives as you. 
  • Pinpoint what makes your organization uniquely extraordinary: You’re already the expert on your company’s culture, but with data and comparative benchmarks that contextualize your results against a representative set of other companies, you can learn exactly what the themes are that make your culture click.
  • Uncover areas for meaningful improvement: With a rich set of data that spans every theme and question in the Lattice Engagement universe, people teams can identify the areas that they can most meaningfully improve to ensure the moments that matter in the employee experience are prioritized to be impactful.

A Few More Things... 

Import Logging for BambooHR, Namely, and SFTP Integrations
When you have questions like “Why is this new employee not showing up in Lattice?” or “Why is this manager change not reflected in Lattice?” we know that you need to be able to find an answer. Now, with in-platform Import Logging for BambooHR, Namely, and SFTP integrations, we’re improving the interoperability between systems and giving you the knowledge you need to make sure things are in-sync between Lattice and your HRIS.

Two Goals Enhancements
Quick Align: Align a goal to its parent by editing the goal, finding the parent goal you want to align to in "Explore goals" on the right side of the page, and clicking "Align to goal." It’s so easy!

Quick End Cascaded Goals: Now whenever you end a goal and you also own its child goals, you'll be able to end all or some of those direct children at the same time. If other goals further down in the Goal Tree remain active or if the child goals have other owners, we'll link you to the Explorer where you find them. We think this will make managing goals that cascade into each other much easier.

Review-writing Improvements
Offline Reviews: We now save written reviews to be saved when you lose internet connection! If you lose internet connection while filling out the response form, we begin persisting changes and answers to the reviewer’s device. Once they’ve regained internet connection, the form will automatically send all of the changes and answers.

Yes, this now means you can write your reviews on a plane with no internet (as long as you had the reviews already loaded beforehand 😎).

Reviews Week & Another Upcoming Webinar

Lattice Reviews Week: Getting ready for your end-of-year review? Join us for a week of short, daily webinars where we lead you step-by-step in creating your ideal review cycle in Lattice. By the end of the week, your review cycle will be completely finished and you’ll be ready to go! See the schedule and sign up here

Remember Pulse Surveys? The awesome new product we mentioned above? We’re going to host a webinar in November talking all about it. Stay tuned for more details.

And for a list of all of our webinars, visit our Help Center.

Have questions about Lattice or ideas on how I can make this email more useful? Shoot me a reply below 👇

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The Lattice Team

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