If you are experiencing any issues when attempting to sync your Google Calendar or Outlook with your 1:1 relationship, you may receive an error message like this:  

If you run into this, you will want to remove Lattice's access from your calendar and re-connect. We recommend following the simple steps below. 

Why am I receiving this message?
The most common reason an integration breaks is because the recurring event on your calendar was edited. While you can make changes to individual events, if the series changes, this may break the integration. If your manager changes in Lattice, this could also break the integration. 

Troubleshooting Your Calendar Integration

To troubleshoot your calendar integration, you will want to disconnect and reconnect your Calendar event in Lattice or re-establish the sync. 

Step 1: Click into "Plan 1:1s" within your "You" panel and select the 1:1 you are looking to disconnect. 

Step 2: Click "Settings" in the top right corner of your 1:1.

Step 3: Under "Calendar event sync", choose the option to "Disconnect from Calendar event" or "Restore calendar sync".

You will need to Disconnect from the calendar event if: 

  • There is a problem between Lattice and the event in your calendar.  This usually happens when you create a new recurring series event from your calendar as opposed to moving the individual event.  

You will need to Restore calendar sync if: 

  • The authorization to your calendar account has been broken.  This usually happens when someone changes their password to their connected calendar account.

Step 4: Upon disconnecting, you will want to reconnect Outlook or Gcal again to reconnect the integration. 

Note: Your manager or whoever set up the 1:1 relationship will have the ability to disconnect and reconnect the calendar sync.

Upon reconnecting you will be shown which calendar you are synced to.  If you are connected to the wrong calendar (your personal one for example) you have the option to disconnect all calendars and select the correct one:

Troubleshooting Google Calendar

If you are still experiencing issues with syncing your Google Calendar, you will want to remove and re-add Lattice's authentication in GCal. 

Step 1: Within your Google Calendar, click into your GSuite in the top right corner

Step 2: Click on the blue "Google Settings" button

Step 3: Once you are in your Google Account settings, click into the "Security" tab on the left hand side.

Step 4: Scroll down until you see the option to "Manage third-party access". 

Step 5: Next to Lattice, click on the blue "Remove Access" button.

Once you have removed access from Lattice, you will then want to reconnect your Google Calendar

When a Calendar Integration Disconnects

When a 1:1 calendar integrations stops syncing or Lattice cannot access the next 1:1 for any reason, users will receive an email to reconnect their calendar to their 1:1 event. 

If you receive this email, there are a few things you will want to check to ensure a seamless calendar integration: 

  1. Check to see if the event still exists as a recurring event in your calendar. The event should also be active and should not have a "Cancelled" status in your calendar. 
  2. Do both emails match the users' profile? Check to make sure that both manager and direct report's emails associated with the calendar event match their emails in Lattice. 
  3. Disconnect and reconnect the 1:1 calendar integration. If you notice that the calendar integration has disconnected, reconnect the integration with all of the correct fields in place. 

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