As an admin, once you have launched your Pulse Survey, you will get access to Pulse reporting and analytics. This will allow you to get a real time view of your organization's participation and results.

Launching a Pulse Survey

Once you have finished your Pulse Survey setup, you will be taken to the page shown below, confirming set up was successful and stating the first date your employees will be pulsed.

Viewing Survey Analytics

Once, your first pulse survey has been sent you will be able to access the pulse reporting and analytics.

Viewing your Participation and Response Rate 

Under the participation tab, admins will be able to see participation and response rate for the pulse survey. This will be visible to admins once one participant has completed a pulse survey.

Viewing Pulse Results 

Under the Results tab, admins will be able to see and filter their pulse data. This will be available to admins once the anonymity threshold has been met. Learn more about understanding Pulse Results here

Learn more about the participant experience here!

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]  or by clicking on the chat icon located on the bottom right of your screen.  

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