In Lattice, it's easy to share specific and relevant data with other individuals in your organization.  All pulse survey admins can share survey results with others at the company. Pulse Surveys results can either be shared in full, or as a filtered set of data. 

Sharing Full Results

You can share the full pulse survey results with anyone, for example you might want to send them to your executive team.
Step 1: Navigate to the Results tab of the survey
Step 2: Select the desired filter and select all
For example, select departments and select all departments to share all data
Step 3: Click on "Save this view"

Step 4: In the saved views sidebar, name your view
Step 5: List the users that you want to share this view with

You can share the survey results with various individuals at once.

Sharing Partial Results

You might only want to share a subset of the data with certain members of your organization, for example a department head  might need access to all results within their department or a manager might get access to everyone on their team. 

Step 1: Filter through appropriate filters
Step 2: Once filter is set, click "Save this view"
Step 3: In the saved views sidebar, name your view
Step 4: List the users with whom you want to share this view 

In the case of sharing the engineering department results, you would filter, selecting Department = Engineering. Once the filter is set, click on "Save this view" to give it a name and share it with the department head. Note that now, the "Department: Engineering" filter is locked in for this specific view. 

Accessing Survey Results 

Individuals who have access to shared views will get an email with a link to access the results tab or can also access the save view form their You tab. Within the results save view the preset filters locked in, if applicable, will be locked, allowing only the individuals to see that specific data. However, they will have access to all other results functionality (like the list and heatmap views). This means that they cannot remove the preset filters for the saved view, but they are able to add additional filters when exploring the data. For example, if a department head has access to a full departments data, they can add additional filters such filtering by  manager or gender within that department. 

Managing Shared Surveys

To manage a survey's saved views, click on the "Manage views" button to open up the sidebar.

Here you can :

1. Delete the views

2. Share existing views with more people 

3. Remove people's access to views

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected] or by clicking on the chat icon located on the bottom right of your screen.

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