What are Feedback Nudges?

Feedback Nudges are automated notifications sent to managers encouraging them to submit public feedback about their direct reports.  If enabled by an Admin, there are two conditions that will generate notifications.

  1. Three weeks after an employee's start date, their manager will be nudged to submit praise
  2. If a direct report hasn't received praise from their manager within the past 60 days, their manager will be nudged to submit praise

Note: If a manager receives a nudge and does not submit public feedback, they will not receive additional follow-up reminders.  They will receive their next nudge after another 60 days without praise has passed.  

Examples of Nudge notifications sent by email and Slack:

Why use Nudges?

In order to maintain a positive company culture, it's important to praise publicly.  Encouraging your managers to submit praise as public feedback in Lattice will ensure that they are taking an active role in reinforcing their team members' positive behaviors.  The occasional nudge will motivate managers to set an example that fosters a culture of public praise.  

Note: Feedback given in Lattice can be referenced during 1:1 meetings and Reviews.  In those contexts, it provides a valuable point of reference for employee performance and behavior.  

Turning Nudges On/Off

Lattice Admins can enable Feedback nudges from the Feedback Settings page.  Navigate to your Admin tab, click on the Feedback heading on the left, and then Settings in the drop-down menu below.  To turn nudges on or off, click the toggle button on the right side of your screen, shown within the red box below.  Click the blue "Save" button once you've finished changing your settings.  

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected] or by clicking on the chat icon located on the bottom right of your screen.

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