OK so I guess it’s not technically Fall BUT Pumpkin Spice season is officially here and we are SO stoked. Aside from the fall flavors (and caffeine) pumping through us, here’s some Lattice updates – plus a sneak preview at the bottom of this email – that have us excited and energized. 

Lattice University 🎓 Welcome to Campus! 🎓

In case you missed it last week, we announced Lattice University – the place where you’ll learn to master all that Lattice has to offer. With over 140 video lessons across 3 tailored, role-based lesson plans for Admins, Managers, and Employees, you’ll find exactly the answers and guidance you’re looking for quickly so you can accelerate adoption and maximize your impact.

Check out Lattice University and get started 👉

Outlook Calendar integration for 1:1s

We know the manager-employee relationship is the fundamental unit of the performance management process, and 1:1s are a big part of making that relationship work well. We want to give all of our customers a consistent experience when it comes to running 1:1s consistently and easily, which is why we've launched an Outlook Calendar integration for 1:1s to make sure all of our customers get the same great ease of use that comes with Lattice 1:1s. 

An Updates Update in Lattice Mobile

We aren’t stopping after last month’s big mobile revamp – we want to continue to bring even more of people management functionality to wherever you work. Starting today, you can now write, edit and view your updates in the Lattice mobile app, making it easy for employees to keep their managers and the company in the loop from the bus, the train, or the sidewalk – using only their thumbs 👍👍👍

More Notification Goodness

We 👏 love 👏 never 👏 missing 👏 important 👏 notifications. We’ve added more to the Lattice Notification center so you can be even more up to speed on: 

  • Updates: we’ve added new notifications for when they’re activated, when it’s time to write, when a direct report has submitted, when a manager reviewed, and when an Update is commented on.
  • Review kickoff notifications (both email & Slack) now include a section for who you are writing Reviews for – and if you prefer to share all feedback with reviewer’s names attached, it will include who is writing Reviews about you as well. Additionally, we’ve made it possible to see if your peer nominations have been approved or if there have been any admin or manager changes.

Check out the Help Center for more details on Notification Center updates.

Admin superpowers!

We’re always trying to optimize the admin experience so our customers can do all of the amazing things that align with the goals they’re trying to accomplish with Lattice. Now, we’ve added capabilities for: 

A Sneak Peek 👀

Honestly, I’m not even supposed to show you this yet but I’m so excited I can’t contain myself.

Our customers have asked us lots and lots for more ways to make Praise visible within their organizations. We love the Slack and email integrations, but there’s something really special about making the physical space you work in live and breath your culture, so we’ve made the Lattice Praise Wall available to current customers starting today. 

What’s the Lattice Praise Wall? 

The Praise Wall is an amazing way for you to put employee recognition front-and-center by creating a purpose-built visualization for integrating feedback on the displays all around the spaces you work in so your teams can live and breath your culture and feedback. Be on the lookout for an announcement with more details next week!

Content & Upcoming Webinars

If you’re hungry for some more content, check out our recent product deep dive and admin webinars 👇

And for a list of all of our webinars, visit our Help Center.

Have questions about Lattice or ideas on how I can make this email more useful? Shoot me a reply below 👇

Until next time,

The Lattice Team

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