Depending on the needs of the organization, admins can configure whether or not a manager of managers has the same visibility into feedback about their indirect reports as managers have about their direct reports.

To enable this functionality, follow the steps below:

Steps 1: Navigate to the "Admin" page on the navigation panel and select People and then Permissions

Step 2: Select "Feedback about indirect reports"

By Selecting "Feedback about indirect reports" Managers of managers can view private+manager and manager-only feedback of their indirect reports in the same way that managers do. They will be able to view this information by navigating to the following place: 

  1. on their indirect reports profiles
  2. on right panel of the team page 
  3. on the feedback auditing and reporting tables and CSV exports
  4. during a review, if the Manager of Manager is nominated as a "peer" for the indirect report.

What does Top-Down Visibility Mean In This Case?

Let's say your team has a reporting structure that looked like this:

By default in the system, Taylor can see the all the public and private feedback that Susan has posted and Tiffany can see the public and private feedback posted by Samantha and Sarah (her team). By checking the box above, we can allow Alice to also read the private and private + manager feedback posted by Susan, Samantha, and Sarah. 

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