While you can directly see the Feedback that has been given in the Auditing tab, admins might want to export a CSV of Feedback with the customized fields of your liking.  

Currently, we allow admins to export a CSV of Feedback within Lattice. To do so,

Step 1: Navigate to the "Admin" Panel in the top navigation bar 

Step 2: Select Feedback and then Auditing under Performance on the lefthand side

Step 3: Select "Export CSV..."

Step 4: Select all attributes, columns of the table and user attributes that you would like to be included in your export. 

Target(s):  The employee that is receiving feedback
Author: The Employee giving feedback
Requestor: The employee requesting feedback

Why Would I Want to Export My Feedback?

When exporting your Feedback within Lattice, it allows you to customize what information you'd like to see that you wouldn't typically see in the Auditing tab.

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