As a manager, you may be responsible for overseeing your direct report's automated review cycle. This article will walk through all potential tasks that you may encounter as a manager supervising a direct report's automated review. 

Peer Selection Notification Email 

If there is a Peer Review section included in your direct report's review cycle, you will be asked to select peer reviewers for your direct report. 

Selecting Peers for your direct report 

Once Peer selection is live, you will receive a task on your "You" page to "Select peer reviewers." From here, select the option to "Nominate" peers. This article will walk through selecting peers for your direct reports.

Once you have selected your direct report's peer reviewers, you will want to end the Peer Selection phase and launch the reviewee's review cycle 

Reviewing your Direct Report 

 When it comes time to fill out a performance review, Lattice will notify you via email. Once you sign into your account, you'll see a task waiting for you on your "You" page. This article explains how to "Perform a Review in Lattice."

Ending the Review Cycle and Sharing Review packets 

Once all reviews are complete, you can end the review cycle for your direct report

After a review cycle has ended, it's important that the feedback gets processed and then shared with every employee.  Lattice will send an email notification to managers letting you know that the review cycle has ended and it's time to review responses and share packets with employees. Clicking into "View Responses" will take you to the Finalize Packets page. 

Alternatively, managers can log-in to their Lattice account. On the "You" page, there will be a task to “Finalize your reports’ review packets.” These articles explain how to share Review packets with your direct report both with a summary remark, and without a summary remark included. 


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