Getting your Pulse survey set up is quick and easy.

Set Up:

Step 1: Navigate to the Admin Panel and click on Pulse from the left sidebar

Step 2:  Set up your questions, we recommend the Lattice engagement questions or you can create your own. 

Step 3: Select the cadence for how your employees will be surveyed

  • Choose the frequency
  • Set your question limit

Step 4: Select the proper channels to reach your employees. From this same screen you will also be able to select notifications settings. 

Step 5: Select the Pulse survey admins, anonymity threshold, and launch date 

Step 6: "Data Check" here you will be able to see user attributes and any information to segment your Pulse survey. You can learn more about the data check here.

Step 7: "Verify" view a summary of the settings and configurations of your pulse. This will include the time when your Pulse will launch. Select "Done" to launch      

Step 8: Once you have selected "Done" you will see a confirmation screen with the launch date of your Pulse survey

**Keep in mind if you are wanting to launch a Pulse survey for the next business day, you will need to have your survey set up by 4pm PST/ 7pm EST

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do questions cycle through Pulse?
A: Each employee sees every question at least once before they receive the same question again. Let's say you have a weekly cadence set with a 60 question survey and a 5 question limit. An employee would receive 5 random questions a week for 12 weeks, i.e. until they have seen each question once. Then it would cycle through the questions again. 

Q: When is my Team receiving a Pulse?
A: When Pulse is first launched all members will receive the same set of questions at different times, our algorithm looks at time zone among other factors and will Pulse members at random to remove biases.

Q: Why did my team member receive different questions in their Pulse?
A: The first Pulse will contain the same set of questions across the org, all subsequent Pulses will randomize the questions in addition to randomizing when members are Pulsed, just as with a heart monitor, Pulse is meant to ask questions at random in every cadence to give you a constant and truthful monitor of employee happiness, like a heart monitor.

Q: What happens if someone's manager, department, or other employee data changes after I've launched a pulse survey?
A: Lattice captures demographic info (manager, department, etc.) a couple of times: first, at the time of sending the Pulse, and second, at the time of response. The second data check overrides the first, so if someone's information changes, it will be accurately reflected in the participation and results analytics. 

 Feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]  or by clicking on the chat icon located on the bottom right of your screen.   

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