We’re trying something a little different with the Lattice Update. We love our Lattice Admins and have awesome conversations with you all the time, so we want to make this email more conversational and digestible for you. And don’t worry — we’ll always point to the Help Center so you aren’t ever in the dark about how to use any of our (amazing) new products and features 🥳

Did someone say mobile?

You probably already use the Lattice Mobile app for 1:1s and maybe viewing Goals, but we knew there was more to untap here. People management requires more than just those two use cases, and nobody is always at their desk, which is why we’ve brought more functionality to our mobile app to improve users’ experience and bring Lattice wherever you are. Here’s a few reasons we’re already loving using it at Lattice:

Seamless cross-platform experiences – The new Lattice Mobile app is built for a more consistent user experience between platforms. Now, your employees can expect seamless transitions in Lattice whether they’re at their desk or away from their keyboard

Give feedback and praise from anywhere – With this update, users can give their teammates and colleagues praise or feedback from the Lattice Mobile app, making it even easier to build a culture of feedback at your company 

Explore Goals, Feedback, and gain visibility into your teammates – see your goals and past feedback front and center, and get a sense of what your teammates’ goals are, and what they’re being praised for around the company

Read more about our updates to Lattice Mobile in the Help Center and download the updated app for iOS or Android.

Template Swapping & Other Editable Review Settings

You want to change templates mid-review cycle?! THAT’S… entirely possible now!

We want to make as many of the things you want to do in Lattice as simple as possible – and we heard you, so we made it as easy to swap a template mid-cycle as it is to spend more than $5 on avocado toast. All you have to do is go into Review Cycle Settings and hit ‘Change Template’ to get started. Once you’ve changed a template, Lattice will automatically show you all the information you need to know about the change and preserve the existing Review data via export so you’re informed about what next steps need to happen both for you and for your reviewers. Learn more about Template Swapping in the Help Center.

In addition, we’ve made it possible to edit the Manager Review and Summary Deliverables Settings. Admins now have the ability to make the change at any point through the review ‘Settings’ page and when changes are made, they will show up on the audit log.


Check out more on editing Active Review Cycle Settings here.

Can you ever really have enough Slack notifications?

We 💛 Slack. And so do lots of you and your teams. Now you can do a lot more with Lattice in Slack! You now have the option to send Feedback, Praise, 1:1, Reviews, and Invite notifications via Slack in addition to or instead of Email. Notifications are sent via the Lattice Slack App and look like this ⤵️ Trust us, it makes Lattice even more fun. 

See the Help Center to learn more about the Slack updates to the Lattice Notification Center.

Quick Hits

  • New Tasks on ‘You’ Page: Managers now see tasks to review their direct reports Updates on the ‘You’ Page
  • Reviews Question Bank: You can immediately start saving time making Review Cycles by picking the questions you use over and over super quickly out of the Lattice Review Question Bank
  • 1:1s for everyone: Everyone at a company with the 1:1s product turned on should see the ‘Plan next 1:1’ button on their ‘You’ page, even if you don’t have a manager or direct reports.

Upcoming Webinars

If you’re hungry for some more content, check out our recent product deep dive and admin webinars 👇

For a list of all of our webinars, visit our Help Center.

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