Once you have navigated to the Notification Center, there are a few options for how notifications can be sent when it comes to our Updates tool— through Slack/Microsoft Teams and/or through Email. 

Updates notifications are sent as follows:

  • When Updates are first enabled
  • When your direct reports submit Updates
  • When your Updates have been reviewed by your Manager
  • When you haven't submitted an Update within the set frequency
  • When you receive a comment on an Update
  • When your calendar integration stops syncing

To send these throughlack/Microsoft Teams or email, you can check on the boxes to the right of "Updates", as shown below.

What does this look like in Slack?

Slack notifications are sent via the Lattice App, and appear as shown below.

What does this look like in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams notification are sent via the Lattice, and appear as shown below.

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