If you use Outlook, you can sync your Lattice 1:1s directly with your Outlook Calendar. This means that when you change your calendar invite in Outlook, the updated time will also show up in Lattice!

Note: If your accounts are hosted on Microsoft servers, then the integration will be successful. However, if you are self-hosting, you will not be able to integrate. Furthermore, this integration works for the Microsoft web login, not the desktop version. 

Connecting your Calendar

To connect your calendar, make sure that you already have a recurring meeting set in Outlook. If you create this 1:1 relationship in Lattice before you add it to Outlook, your calendar will not create a new event invite. 

Note: The calendar event should be a recurring and unending event. Also, the meeting must be scheduled no more than two months into the future for the integration to connect to the calendar event.

If you are creating this 1:1 relationship for the first time, first, navigate to the Your Team page and click on the ellipsis next to your direct report's name. Click on "Turn on 1:1s". This will take you to a screen to customize your 1:1 relationship. From here, click on "Connect to an existing calendar event". 

If you already have a 1:1 relationship in Lattice, go to the Your Team page, click on the ellipsis next to your direct report, and click on "Manage 1:1 settings". This will take you to a screen to customize and edit your 1:1 relationship. From here, click on "Connect to an existing calendar event". 

From here, you will be prompted to choose your calendar provider (Outlook), and you will be asked to specify a calendar. You will want to pick the calendar that you will be managing the event on (in this case, Outlook). 

If you have not given Outlook permission to sync with Lattice, you will be taken to a screen to do so. To sync your Outlook with Lattice, click on "Yes" and follow the instructions for integration. 

You will then be asked to specify which calendar event you would like to add this 1:1 meeting to. Note that the event that you are connecting this 1:1 relationship to should already be scheduled in Outlook. 

Join Zoom directly from the 1:1

Participants can join Zoom from the agenda as long as the link is found in the "Location" field in Google Calendar.

Please note: "Join Zoom" will not show up in Lattice if the Zoom link is only available in the invite description.

Changing the time of your 1:1s

Once you have synced your Outlook calendar with Lattice, every time you make a change to the event on your calendar, Lattice will be automatically updated. 

Once your 1:1 has passed on your calendar, Lattice will automatically schedule the next 1:1 for the following week. If you missed this 1:1 meeting, all you will want to do is update the time of the meeting you missed to the new correct time for your make up meeting. 

Disconnecting Outlook

To disconnect Outlook from Lattice, navigate to your "Your Team" page, click on "Manage 1:1 settings", and choose "Disconnect from event".

Once you disconnect, you have the ability to reconnect by following the steps above. 

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