If you would like to swap out your default templates after the review cycle has kicked off, simply follow the steps below!

Step 1: Click into the review cycle in question

Step 2: Click into the "Settings" in the top right of the navigation bar

Step 3: Click on "Templates" found on the lefthand side

Step 4: Roll over the appropriate default template and click "Change template"

Step 5: Find the appropriate template that will replace your current template, however over, and click "Change template"

Step 6: Review the warning messages and click "Change template" to confirm
As shown below, when you switch out a template, any submitted and/or drafted reviews that used this template will be erased. These responses, however, will be downloaded and emailed to the reviewer so that they can re-input them.

Once this change has been finalized, you will automatically download these older (now erased) review responses to a CSV, for your records. 

What does this mean for Reviewers?

When you switch out templates, any submitted reviews will automatically be reopened. Reviewers will receive a notification via email and/or Slack (depending upon what you've configured in the Notification Center). This will include a message letting them know that they need to re-submit their reviews, along with an export of that now-erased information. 

You can find an example of that notification below:

For any questions or feedback about this process, feel free to reach out to a member of our Support team by emailing [email protected] or by clicking on the chat box found in the bottom right of your screen.

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