If you would like to swap out your default or customized templates after the review cycle has kicked off, simply follow the steps below! 

Step 1: Click into the review cycle in question

Step 2: Click into the "Settings" in the top right of the navigation bar

Step 3: Click on "Templates" found on the lefthand side

Step 4: To change a template, roll your mouse over that template and click "Change template"

To change a template for a custom field, scroll down to the "Customizations" section and click on the arrow toggle, as shown below. From here, find the template you'd like to change and hover over it to change the template.

Step 5: Find the appropriate template that will replace your current template, hover over, and click "Change template"

Step 6: Review the warning messages and click "Change template" to confirm
As shown below, when you switch out a template, any submitted and/or drafted reviews that used this template will be erased. These responses, however, will be downloaded and emailed to the reviewer so that they can re-input them.

Once this change has been finalized, you will automatically download these older (now erased) review responses to a CSV, for your records. 

What does this mean for Reviewers?

When you switch out templates, any submitted reviews will automatically be reopened. Reviewers, including those with drafted responses, will receive a notification via email and/or Slack (depending upon what you've configured in the Notification Center). This will include a message letting them know that they need to re-submit their reviews, along with an export of that now-erased information. 

You can find an example of that notification below:

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