Q: Are there any fees for paying with ACH, Credit Card or Check?
A: No. Lattice does get charged fees for different payment types, but you, the customer, will not have any additional fees. 

Q: When will I receive my first invoice?
A: Your first invoice will be sent on the start date of your contract.

Q: How many days do I have to pay my invoice?
A: All of our payment terms are Net 30. This means you will have 30 days to pay from when your invoice is sent out.

Q: Can I see my invoices/receipts or past payments in my Lattice account?
A: No. All invoices/receipts should be sent to you directly. If you would like to request copies of these, please reach out to our Customer Care team on the chatbot below and they can provide these for you! 

Q: Can I get my invoices divided by different office locations?
A: No. All invoices are for all of the users and cannot be broken up.

Q. How do I change who my invoices are sent to?
A: Send an email to [email protected]

Q. How can I confirm my banking/billing details?
Login to Lattice and check out the "Billing Page" in your Admin panel.

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