If your company is grading employees on scored attributes during your review cycles, you can analyze your engagement survey results by their scores.  Lattice will automatically use the scores from your most recently completed review cycle. 

Filtering by Scored Attributes

In either the list view or heatmap, you can apply scored attribute filters to your survey results.  We allow you to filter by attribute and score by clicking into the Filter bar and then on Performance in the drop-down menu as shown below.

Grouping by Scored Attributes

In the survey results Heatmap, you can group themes and questions by scored attributes.  If you click on the box that says "Group by:" and scroll past default user attributes and custom user attributes to the bottom of the drop-down list you'll find your scored attributes.

Once you select a scored attribute, you'll be able to see how employees responded to your survey questions by score.  In the image above, the number outside of the parentheses represents the Behavior score from 1-5 and the number inside the parentheses is the quantity of responders with that score.  So in the first column indicated by the red arrow, 23 participants with a Behavior score of 1 have an average score of 60 for the question "I talk up this company to my friends as a great company to work for".  

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