If Cascading Goals have been enabled for your company, you will have a few special options when creating your Goal. While you can certainly continue to create "independent" goals that are not cascaded or aligned with a higher-level goal, the cascading functionality allows you to link Goals to each other. 

By explicitly linking Goals to one another, you can ensure alignment between the company's strategy and department/individual objectives. For example, if your Department's goal is "Grow the team by 20 by the end of Q3", and you are responsible for interviewing 30 candidates, you may want to align your objective to this Department-level objective.

How to Create a Cascading Goal

Step 1: Follow the steps in How to Create a Goal

Please note, if you would like your key results' progress to reflect in your parent goal/objective, select binary under "How will you measure progress?

Step 2: Add a Parent Goal

Under the "Align to a parent goal" option, you can search for the parent goal that you want to align your goal to.

As a reminder, parent goals will only be visible if your Admin has requested to turn on Cascading Goals.

Another way to quickly align a goal to a parent goal is to find that goal in the righthand explore panel and click on it. From there, you'll see the option to "Align to goal" as shown below.

Step 3: Add Key Results

When creating a goal, add key results that impact the overall goal. With cascading goals, you have the option to assign a different goal owner than that of the overall goal. 

Step 4: Save your goal as a draft or select to publish it

Where to View Cascading Goals

To view Cascading Goals, click into the Explorer from your You page! 

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