What are legacy questions, and why do I need to move them in to the question bank?

Legacy questions are questions contained within templates created prior to the launch of the question bank.  It is important to move your questions from legacy templates into the question bank so that you can continue to benefit from our analytics. 

Adding questions by duplicating historic templates

 To duplicate a template first navigate to your Reviews tool.  Under Reviews click on "Templates", and then click on the ellipse to the far right of the review you wish to enter into your question bank.  Select "Duplicate" in the drop-down menu that emerges, and those legacy questions now live in your question bank.

Note: historic templates will automatically be permanently archived

Once you've successfully created a question bank version of your review template, the historic template will be permanently archived.  This feature will prevent you from using a legacy template by mistake.

Quick tip - avoid entering duplicate questions

When entering legacy questions in to the bank, take care not to enter the same question more than once.  If you use different instances of the same question across review cycles it will negatively effect Lattice's analysis of your results over time.  If you notice a duplicate question, click on the ellipse to the far right of the question (as shown below) and you will be able to edit or archive it.  

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