To create a Department-level Goal, you will need to be either a Super Admin or be a department head, which is set by your Super Admin!

What is a Public Versus a Private Department Goal?

A public departmental goal is visible by everyone within Lattice. These are visible to the entire company by navigating to the "Company" tab found on the top navigation bar and clicking on the "Goals" section.

Private department goals are only visible to specific selected departments. 

How to Create a Public or Private Department Goal

Step 1: Navigate to the "You" Panel found on the top of the navigation bar

Step 2: In the "Profile" page under "Goals", click the "Create a Goal" button

Step 3: Create your goal

Step 4: Click on "Type" and select "Department" from the dropdown

Step 5: Under the "Visibility tab, select "Public" or "Private to selected departments(s)" 

(You are able to add additional departments other than your own, if necessary)

Step 6: Publish your goal

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