At Lattice we recognize that your organization will grow and change. Below are the answers to common questions about how Lattice bills for new users.

Q: Do I need to tell anyone if I want to add users?
A: Nope! You can simply add them into Lattice and you will get charged the on the first of the following month. Users that are Active or Invited within Lattice will be charged.

Q: When do I get charged for adding additional users into Lattice?
A: Additional users are charged on the first of the month, following the month in which they were added. For example, if you add 3 users in March, on April 1st you will get a charge/invoice for those 3 users added.

Q: What happens if I grow and then reduce my seat count? Do we refund?
A: When you add users in Lattice, we increase your max seat count. For example, if you go from 100 to 101 users, your new seat count will be 101. If you remove a user and go back down to 100, we do not refund you for that seat. Your seat count will remain at 101. However, now you will have that seat to grow into and when you add a user you will not charge you for that seat, as you already purchased it

Q: How does prorated growth work?
A: As a company adds users into Lattice beyond the original amount of contracted users, we charge for those additional users at a pro-rated rate. The users are not charged for the entire year, but only the months remaining in the billing term.

Q: What is an examples of how pro-rated growth is calculated?
A:  Annual: You add a user in the month of March (March 15th). The charge/invoice for that new user will be for the period of 3.15.19 - 12.31.19. So rather than the full $108 for 12 months, the invoice will only be $85.5 for the remaining 9.5 months. This charge/invoice will occur on April 1 since the user was added in March

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