The goal explorer page is an interactive space where employees can view, edit, and update their personal goals as well as see any public goals and their progress.  It offers a number of visualizations which depict the structure between individual goals and key results, as well as the relationship between cascading goals (if enabled).  

To enter the goal explorer, first navigate to your "You" tab and then click on the blue "Explore all goals" link that is located on the right hand side of the Goals tool.

The Goal Explorer Page

The goal explorer home page has seven main features. These are shown in "List view" below.

These features allow you to:

  1. Search for a specific goal by owner or keyword
  2. View goals within a certain time frame
  3. Filter goals by owner, type, priority, status, tags, and visibility
  4. View goal analytics*
  5. View goal owners
  6. Sort by due date 
  7. Export your goals to a .csv file
  8. Visualize your goals as a list, cascade, or tree (cascade and tree views require cascading goals to be enabled)


*Please note draft goals are not included in the analytics even if a user has applied a filter for draft goals. The count of goals represents unique goals, regardless of how many owners. Lastly, archived users goals will count IF they are co-owned by an active employee or they are part of a cascade of active goals.

Viewing an Individual Goal

When you click on an individual goal within the explorer a sidebar will emerge on the right with additional details.

This sidebar shows the goal owner, due date, and type.  If you have aligned the goal to a parent goal, given it a priority, or added tags you will also be able to see this information here.  

If you click again on the name of the goal in this sidebar indicated by the red arrow you will be redirected to a new tab in your browser where you can view a goal's progress timeline, check if it's on track, and see any notes that the goal owner has posted.  You can also edit, complete, or delete a goal from this page.

Cascading Goals

If you have cascading goals enabled, you will have two views in addition to list view.  Our Help Center article on how to turn on cascading goals can be found here.  

Cascade View

When you enter Cascade view you will initially only see parent goals. Clicking on the small triangle to the left of the goal title indicated by the red arrow below will expand your view to display any aligned child goals. You can also use the search bar and filter to find a goal of any level without manually clicking through each layer.

In the image above, the arrows show the structure between:

  1. Company Goals
  2. Department Goals
  3. Individual Goals
  4. Key Results for Individual Goals

You can continue to expand each goal until you reach the key results for goals of individual contributors.  You can have as vast a network of interconnected goals as your company needs.  

Tree View

When entering tree view initially, as in cascade view, you will only see parent goals (1).  By clicking the grey bubble containing the number of aligned goals and the > symbol, you will expand the goal structure to see a second layer (2).  You can continue to expand these layers to display individual goals (3) and their key results (4).

Due to the enhanced visualizations within tree view, the search and filter functions in this view only apply to top level goals.

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