Even the best goals are wasted when they collect dust. To fix broken goal setting, objectives need to be a part of every day, their impact & purpose need to be clear to employees, and they must drive performance forward.

Q&A from the webinar

Would love to know how best to run an in person team weekly OKR status meeting using lattice. And also if you plan on integrating with task management apps like Asana. 

We’d suggest using the Goal Explorer view and filter down to the goals that are owned by that group of people. Then during the meeting you have a quick overview of all the goals, KRs, and their progression, and from there, click into goals you want to dive further into. 

Can you specify which departments/groups are sent notifications about creating individual goals?

For this release, you cannot customize which employees get the individual notifications. This is definitely something we want to address though! 

Once the emails are sent, is there a “sent” folder to see what was sent and when (historically?)

We do not have visibility into what notifications were sent, apart from what’s on the goal cycle page. 

How can a manager view goal drafts? I'm an admin and can't see any drafts created by my team

Managers and admins can see draft goals on the employee’s profile. 

How did you suggest sharing a drafted goal with a manager? Can it be sent within the system or would you need to email the link?

For now you will need to email or message them the link. 

If goals have been created by some employees, prior to us creating the Goal Cycle, can these previously created goals be captured under the cycle? 

Yes, any goal can be associated with any Goal Cycle, it doesn’t need to have been created after the Goal Cycle was launched. 

We are using the OKR framework, I can see where to list the objectives and the key results. But is there also a possibility to log/track initiatives? Where/how can we do that?

There isn’t an explicit place to track initiatives. You can include them in updates to the KR or in the description of the KR thought! 

For measurement - if you have a ‘score’ - example NPS of 85 - how do you set this for the goal?

We suggest making a numeric goal with the score you currently have as the starting number and 85 as the ending number.

Are goals able to have a private view so it’s not visible to the entire org?

Yes! We have three levels of privacy: public to everyone, private to only owners and their managers, and visible to certain departments. 

Can you send a reminder from the goal cycle manage page for people that haven’t created goals?  Or whose direct reports haven’t created goals?

This release doesn’t include reminders in the system, but also something we want to build in the future. 

Do you have plans to build more robust data visualizations? At a company level?

Yes definitely! We want to build better reporting and visualizations around goal progress.

What happens to the goal if an employee is terminated and then made inactive in Lattice?

The owner remains associated with the goal, we don’t archive the goal in case there are other owners or someone else is responsible for taking the goal across the finish line. 

Is there a plan on the roadmap to save filters?  Right now I found you can copy the URL which has the filter criteria but there isn’t an in app save

Definitely on our long term roadmap. We’ll be prioritizing based off of customer feedback, so please share with us what’s important for you! 

If dates shift, can you go back and edit as an admin?

Yes, you can edit the dates at any time as long as the notification hasn't sent yet. 

Is there any way to manually add recipients to the goal setting reminder emails? (Ex: our CEO is not technically a dept head at the org, but I’d still like her to receive the email prompt)

For department goal reminders, there isn’t currently a way. You can customize who receives a company goal reminder by adding them as a company goal creator (in permissions). 

If you’re a manager, can you create goals for your direct reports? 

Yes you can! The manager can create the goal and add their direct report as the owner. 

Also, if you use cascading goals, is it possible to include goals that aren’t attached to a higher-level goal?

Yes it is! It is not required to align every goal. 

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