After you have launched a review cycle, there are a few edits you can make to the settings at anytime. To make any changes to the settings, click into the review cycle in question and click "Settings" found on the top right in the navigation bar.

The following are settings that can be edited after you have launched your review cycle:


Peer Selection: 

  • Edit the limit for peer nominations¬†
  • Allow employees to nominate themselves
  • Allow peer reviewers to see the self-reviews of the people they are reviewing
  • Allow employees to decline a peer review


  • Turn calibration on/off
  • Turn weighted scores on/off
  • Turn scoring on/off
  • Add individual scored attributes¬†
  • Remove individual scored attributes


  • Swap out and update default and custom review questions


  • Edit what manager feedback and summary remarks are shared
  • Edit if/how direct report and peer feedback is shared
  • Turn sharing of scored attributes on/off
  • Turn sharing of weighted scores on/off

*Please note, this only applies for Org-Chart based Reviews

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