Happy Friday everyone! Exciting things are happening here at Lattice with the announcement of our Series B funding and our partnership with Slack. There’s also some exciting updates happening with our product, so let’s jump in! 

Product Updates for Admins:


Launching Peer Selection with or without Notifications

Admins now have the ability to launch the peer selection phase of their review cycle with or without notifying reviewees via email. After the review cycle has been created, if the admin has chosen to include peer reviews, admins will see a button giving them the option to notify reviewees with a notification or without a notification. Both options will create a task on the reviewee's Lattice 'You' page, but the option to launch peer selection with a notification will also allow you to send an email. 

Choosing the time that phases of your review cycle launch 

When setting up the sequence of your review cycle, if you choose to run your review on an automated timeline you now have the ability to designate what time different phases of the review cycle will launch. We will now let admins decide in fifteen minute increments, what time of the day each phase of the review cycle will start, as well as when the reminder emails for that phase of the review cycle go out. You can enable this by choosing the ‘Timeline’ option in the ‘Sequence’ step of the review cycle set up, then by selecting from the drop down lists next to each of the steps in the timeline. 

Once the review cycle has been created, you will be able to see the timeline in the top navigation by clicking on ‘View Schedule’. 

Please note that the timezones of the timeline settings will match the timezones of the browser you are using. So if you are using a browser in New York, the timeline settings will be set to EST. 

Product Updates for Everyone:


Writing reviews during the peer selection process 

If your review cycle has been set up to include peer reviews, you will now have the option to start writing other reviews during the peer selection phase of the review cycle. No more waiting until peer selection is complete, you can start drafting your self and manager reviews right away. Once peer selection has begun you'll be able to start drafting your reviews by clicking into the review and clicking on 'Write reviews' section of the page. 


Ending a goal as incomplete 

Employees and managers now have the ability to mark a goal as either complete or incomplete when ending the goal. 

This will allow you to filter your goals by completed vs. incomplete goals in the goal explorer page and see which goals you did not complete. 

Updated visuals on goal profiles 

You might notice that we’ve refreshed the profiles when you click into your goals. Some of the most noticeable updates include new icons to indicate if your goals are on track, progressing, or off track, as well as a redesigned sidebar with links out to our goal explorer filtered down by what you click on. For example, in the sidebar of the goal profile if you click on the type of goal you will be taken to our goal explorer which will show you all the other active goals of the same type. Try clicking on owner name, tag, or priority! 

Product Refresher for Admins

How to end all goals for a certain time frame 

As an admin, you are able to end all goals in a certain time frame. This might come in handy as we approach the beginning of May and soon the end of Q2. To do so, access the auditing table in the ‘Admin’ panel. Use the date range to specify the time frame in which you would like to bulk end goals from. After you’ve specified the time range, you should see all the goals company wide that are set to end in that time period. Click on the button that says ‘End displayed goals’ and Lattice will bulk end the goals that you have chosen. It doesn’t need to just be a time range, you can also filter down by different criteria such as goal owner, tag, or priority and end the goals that you have selected with that criteria. 

Webinar Update 

Remember, we are hosting monthly Lattice training webinars for admins and employees, as well as product specific deep dive webinars. You don’t want to miss them! Check out below to sign up.


  • May 15th at 9:30am PST: Preparing For Your Review Cycle Sign up here


Employee & Manager Lattice Training 

We now offer morning and afternoon sessions (twice a month on Thursday) that provide your managers and employees with everything they need to know about navigating the Lattice platform. Check out the upcoming times and sign up here!

*For a list of all of our webinars, visit our Help Center.

Introducing our new RfH Job Board 

Earlier this week, we launched a new tool for the Resources for Humans community - the RfH Job Board! In short, it's a job board dedicated to People Operations job opportunities, exclusively for our RfH members. 

If you’re unfamiliar with our Resource for Humans community- check out more information here. Resources for Humans is a Slack community of forward-thinking People Ops leaders aimed at providing a place for asking questions, communicating with peers, and staying up to date on the latest trends in HR.

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