Once you have launched your Goal Cycle, you will have access to a version of our Goals Explorer, that will show you only the goals associated with that specific goal cycle. 

Activity Page

To access your Goal Cycle, go to the "Admin" Page, select "Goals", "Goal Cycle" and the Goal cycle you would like to see. 

On the activity page you will see:

  • Total goals- The total number of goals that have been created by employees in that given goal cycle.
  • Company goals-  The number of company goals created in that given cycle.
  • Departments with goals- The total number of goals that have been created for the department in that given goal cycle.
  • Employees with goals- The percentage of employees that have created a goal.

Clicking through the different tabs of Department, Managers, and Individuals is a great way to audit your organization and see who is using the goals tool successfully, or who might need help getting their goals in Lattice.  


Clicking on Explore this will allow you see all goals created.

You can apply as many filters as needed to dive deeper into specific goals. 

This will allow you to drill into each department, manager or individual to see each of their goals.  When you click on the name of the goal, a side panel will appear with additional information about the goal, including the progress. 

If you click on the name of the goal in the side panel, you will be taken to the Goal Profile for that goal.

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