Once you have navigated to the Notification Center, there are two options for how notifications can be sent to participants in Reviews— through Slack and/or through Email. 

As each phase of a review cycle advances, Admins will have the ability to notify the participants of any tasks they need to complete. 

For example: 

  • Peers that need to be selected or approved.
  • Reviews that need to be written.
  • Packets that need to be finalized (by managers, in the Post-Review Process).
  • Review packets that have been shared and need to be signed off on.

By checking the box to the right of Reviews, you can choose if you would like these notifications only to be sent via Slack, only to be sent via email (this is our default), or both.

Review Notifications through Slack

As each phase of the review cycle progresses, the notifications will be sent through Slack if they have been configured as so. 

These notifications look as follows:

  • Selecting peer reviewers for yourself
  • Selecting peer reviewers for your direct reports (manager task only)
  • Writing reviews
  • Viewing direct report feedback and finalize packets (managers only)
  • Viewing your own packet
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