Happy Friday! Today, we are celebrating our one year anniversary of Lattice Updates - a process inspired by you and dedicated to your feedback. 

We can’t thank you enough for helping us get here today and can’t wait for another year to grow alongside you!

Product Update for Admins


New template creation page

We’ve made some changes to our template creation flow to make the process smoother as you input your templates into Lattice. The most important changes to note are clicking “Save” on the question level to ensure we are saving all the changes to the specific questions. We also have our “Preview” option in the top-right hand corner. To create your template, make sure to click on “Create template” when done.

Note: when making updates to templates, make sure to save each question individually. In addition, to save the entire template, click on “Update template” on the top right-hand corner before exiting the screen.

To learn more about creating templates in Lattice, click here.

Reviews navigation bar

You can now navigate between the different phases (Setup, Manage, Results) of your review cycle by using our new top navigation bar.

Once you launch or end your review cycle, you can always click back into each of the phases to view the settings and details of your reviews.

Reviews table preview

While peer selection is ongoing, you can now click into the reviews step of the cycle to have access to the data table. This gives you greater visibility into what's happening in a review cycle before the writing phase begins. This also allows you to make changes to review cycle roles and who's reviewing who.


New auditing view

We’ve made some updates to our auditing list for admins to provide easy navigation and quick viewing of the goals within your organization.

Additionally, we now offer some new filtering capabilities: by goal owner, by people in your org, and by custom date range. 

Product Update for Everyone


New goals creation page

We've made some changes to our goals creation page to make the process of creating your goals in Lattice even easier than before! You'll find all the same steps as before but in an updated format.

With this, we have also added the ability to duplicate key results when creating a goal and made it easier to browse through the goals shown in the side context panel. 

To learn more about creating goals in Lattice, click here.

Product Refresher for Admins


PermissionsWe’ve done a lot of work on adding additional permission sets into Lattice. To keep you updated on all the capabilities, see the aggregated list below.

Admin Permissions: 

  • Super Admin 
  • IT Admin
  • Review Cycle Admin
  • HR Business Partner Admin
  • HR Generalist Admin
  • Department Head Admin

Manager Permissions

  • Primary Manager
  • Dotted-line Manager
  • Skip-level Manager 

Other Permissions

  • Department Head 

To learn more about setting up each of these different types of permissions in Lattice, click here.

Webinar Update

(Upcoming) What's new in Lattice?

We are always working hard to make Lattice better for you!  Want to see what we are built in Q1? 

When: April 3rd, 2019 at 9:30am PSTSign up here!
(Recording) Empower Your Team with Manager Tools

In this webinar, we talked about both Updates and 1:1s. We talked about the differences between each of the tools, how to configure them, reporting, and why they are a powerful tool for your workforce. Watch the recording here!

(Ongoing) Employee & Manager Lattice Training 

We now offer morning and afternoon sessions (twice a month on Thursday) that provide your managers and employees with everything they need to know about navigating the Lattice platform. Check out the upcoming times and sign up here!

*For a list of all of our webinars, visit our Help Center.

Customer Referral Program

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Lattice Customer Experience

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