When getting your team set up on Lattice, it is important to first determine what your performance management process will be. Answering the questions below will help make your set up a breeze:

Uploading your employees

  • Will you be uploading your employees through an HRIS integration (Bamboo HR, Namely, Zenefits)?
  • Will you be uploading your employees through CSV?


  • Will you be setting up an SSO?
  • Will you be integration with Slack?


  • When are you running your next review?
  • How often will you be running reviews? (Quarterly, Mid-year, Annually)
  • What type(s) of feedback will you collect in the review? (Self review, Manager review, Peer review, Upward review)
  • Should managers of managers have access into reviews of indirect reports? 


  • Will employees be setting both public and private goals? (Public goals can be seen by the whole company in Lattice and Private goals can only be seen by their manager) 
  • Will you be inputting company level goals?
  • Will there be department level goals? 
  • Are there specific people who own those department level goals?
  • How often would you like Lattice to remind employees to update their goals? (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Twice a quarter, Never)


  • Should managers be able to see private feedback given in Lattice to their direct reports?
  • Do you have company values that can be attached to feedback in Lattice?
  • Would you like to integrate the Feedback to Gmail/Outlook


  • Will all managers be using Updates with their direct reports?
  • If so, how often should the reminder email go out? (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly)
  • Would you like managers to have the ability to customize the Update questions on a team/individual level?
  • Will you be using the template that Lattice provides? (See template by going to Admin > Updates > Settings > Questions. If not, please think about which questions you’d like to use. Here is a helpful question bank.)
  • Should managers of managers have the ability to see Updates from their indirect reports? 


  • Will all managers be using the 1:1 tool for their in-person 1:1s with their direct reports? 
  • Are there specific talking points that you want to make sure everyone in the company touches on in their 1:1s?

Engagement Surveys

  • When are you running your next Engagement survey?
  • How often will you be running surveys? (Quarterly, Bi-Annually,  Annually)
  • What type of survey(s) will you be running? (Engagement, Team Effectiveness,  Diversity & Inclusion, Manager Effectiveness, Custom)
  • How long would you like your Survey to accept responses for?
  • Is there anyone you would like to make a Survey Admin (Give full survey response access)?
  • How many people need to respond to a survey before you can access the results (3-10 people)? Note: this threshold protects the anonymity of your employees.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected] or by clicking on the chat icon located on the bottom right of your screen.

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