What are Updates?

The Updates tool allows managers to set-up a customized template that is sent to employees at a cadence of their choosing (weekly, biweekly, or monthly). For employees that are checking in with their manager weekly, they are often using the Updates tool as a monthly status report to inform the manager what they are working on and where they could use the help. 

Why Use Updates?

It's a great tool for employees/managers that struggle to find time in-person. We've also seen a lot of success for teams that have remote employees, traveling employees, or new hires. For employees that are checking in with their manager monthly, they are generally using the Updates tool as a mini self-review. It's a way to look back at your performance over the past month and is generally more developmentally based. 

For companies that do not have frequent reviews, there can be months at a time where an employee does not receive formalized feedback and the Updates tool is a great way to gather more feedback. Regardless of the cadence, Lattice will automate the process so it runs regularly and managers will always be given the opportunity to comment back on updates so they are closing the loop. 

What can the Admin do with Updates?

As an admin, you'll be able to view the content of the Update and who is actually using the tool. Additionally, you can provide transparency to your senior leaders by turning on a feature that allows managers of managers to see the updates of their indirect reports. You also have the ability to turn on updates for all employees and select the default cadence & questions to drive accountability.

What's Next?

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