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Product Updates for Admins


Private and Private + Manager Feedback

We’ve updated our Feedback visibility to now include both Private and Private + Manager. We now have 4 total visibility options:

  • Public 
  • Manager only
  • Private (only visible to the recipient of the feedback)
  • Private + Manager (only visible to the recipient and their manager)

As an admin, we have removed the old toggle for “Private Feedback” and now allow you to customize which options you’d like to offer for private feedback. You can have private, private + manager, or both!

All existing companies will be set to the current setting you had enabled. So, if “Private Feedback” was toggled on, then you’ll be default to “Private + Manager” and you can add “Private” if you’d like. If “Private Feedback” was toggled off, then you’ll default to “Private” and you can add “Private + Manager” if you’d like. 

To customize your options, go to Admin > Feedback > Settings > Permitted feedback types”.

Once you’ve made your selections, the visibility options will show when a user is giving feedback in Lattice.

To learn more about private feedback in Lattice, click here.


1:1 dashboards

We've now launched our 1:1s dashboards for admins and managers. To access the dashboard, go to Admin > 1:1s > Reporting.

To learn more about our 1:1 reporting, click here.

Note: managers can view these dashboards for their team by going to Your Team > 1:1s > Reporting.

Multiple 1:1 relationships

If you would like to have a recurring 1:1 meeting outside of the traditional manager/direct report relationship, you can now set up multiple 1:1 relationships within Lattice. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Click on “Plan next 1:1”
  • From here, click on the drop-down next to your manager’s name
  • Choose “Create a new 1:1 relationship”

Note: whoever initiates the 1:1 meeting will act as the “manager” of the meeting in Lattice, meaning they will own all the settings of that meeting (recurring talking points, integrating to a calendar if applicable, and marking the meetings “complete”).

To learn more about setting up multiple 1:1 relationships, click here.


Setting your default currency

You can now set the default currency for your entire company so when they choose to measure a goal financially, it will show the default currency you choose. To do this, go to Admin > Company > Settings.

To learn more about setting your default currency, click here.


CSV export for reviewees and reviewers

During a review cycle, you can now pull reports out of Lattice giving you insight into your peer selection progress. 

From the Reviewees table, you can export to see the status and list of peer nominations for each person being reviewed in the cycle

From the Reviewers table, you can export to see who has been nominated to write peer reviews, how many times, and by whom.

Product Updates for Everyone


Meeting mode for 1:1s

Both employees and managers can now enter into meeting mode when having a 1:1 which hides the 1:1 context panel. The reason for this is that if a manager wants to share their screen during a 1:1, this allows them to hide the context panel so employees don’t have visibility into their manager only or external feedback.

To enter into meeting mode, the employee/manager will click on “Enter meeting mode” in the top right-hand corner of the 1:1 screen.

To learn more about meeting mode as a managers, click here. To learn more about meeting mode as an employee, click here.

Product Refresher for Admins


Lattice Mobile App

Employees and managers can both access their 1:1s in Lattice through the Lattice mobile app. The app is available for both IOS and Android. 

To learn more and/or download our app, click here.

Webinar Update

(Upcoming) Configuring Roles and Permissions

Join us to learn about Lattice's newest functionality, allowing you to configure roles and permissions. If you have an HR Business Partner or a dotted-line manager that you would like to configure in Lattice, we will spend this time walking through how to set up these roles and what it looks like from the user's perspective.

When: February 27th at 9:30am PT
Sign up here!

(Recording) Measuring Employee Engagement with Lattice Surveys

In this webinar, we talked about Lattice's newest product, Engagement. We walked through through creating, launching, and managing an engagement survey. We also showed you how to view and analyze your results. If you missed this, check out the recording here!

(Ongoing) Employee & Manager Lattice Training 

We now offer morning and afternoon sessions (twice a month on Thursday) that provide your managers and employees with everything they need to know about navigating the Lattice platform.

Check out the upcoming times and sign up here!

For a list of all of our webinars, visit our Help Center.

Customer Referral Program

Have friends in HR and People Operations? Refer them to Lattice! You'll both get a $200 Amazon gift card. Click here to get your gift card!

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