If an employee submits a review and then they decide they'd like to edit it, the Admin has the ability to un-submit the review and restore the employee's ability to edit and re-submit. However, the steps to do this may differ based which stage the review cycle is in.

Re-Opening the Reviewee

If a review cycle, or individual reviewee within a review, has closed follow these steps to re-open a reviewee.  Re-opening a reviewee will allow any reviewers who did not submit their feedback before the review(ee) closed to do so.

Re-Opening Submitted Reviews

If a reviewer has submitted their feedback, and wants to make changes afterwards there's a slightly different workflow.  Follow the steps in this article to re-open submitted reviews.  The hyperlinked article walks through the process to re-open submitted reviews in both active and closed review cycles.

Re-opening Submitted Scored Attributes

In a review cycle, a manager may want to change the scores given to an employee after they have already completed their review. Follow these steps to re-open scores for a manager.

Un-sharing Review Packets and Re-opening Manager Summaries

After a review cycle is over, a manager may want to edit their summary after they have already shared the review packet with their employee. Follow these steps to re-open the manager summaries and un-share the review packet.

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