What is a Department Head?

Department Heads are typically the leader of a specific organization within your company.

What Visibility Does a Department Head have?

Department Heads do not have any added visibility. 

What Can a Department Head manage?

Apart from a Super Admin, Department Heads are the only other permission level that allows employees to set Department level goals. Department Heads also have permissions to edit a Department name, description, and its members. 

Note: You can set one employee as multiple Departments' Heads. You can also set multiple employees as Department Heads for a given Department.

How to Set Up a Department Head:

Step 1: Navigate to the "Admin" tab on the the navigation panel. Under "People" select "Departments". 

Step 2: Click the ellipsis to the right of the Department in which you'd like to set a Department head for and select "Set department heads"

Step 3: Search for the correct individual and select "Save changes". 

Note: You can also set a Department Head by navigating to the "Company" tab. From here, Click into "Departments" and then follow the same process listed above.

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