A Skip Level Manager is a Manager of a Manager. They have at least one Indirect report (direct report of their direct report). This is set automatically in the system, based off structured manager-direct report relationships. To easily see who is a Skip Level Manager, you can view the Org Chart found on the Company page.

What Visibility does a Skip Level Manager Have?

Managers of Managers have visibility into their indirect report's private Goals. Depending on how the Admin configures top down visibility settings, they will potentially have visibility into their Indirect report's Updates, Reviews and/or Feedback.

Managers of Managers cannot view their indirect report's 1:1s.

What Can a Skip Level Manager Manage?

Managers of Managers cannot take any action, even if the admin enables them to have visibility into Updates, Reviews and all Feedback. For example, they may be able to see their indirect report's private Update, but they won't be able to comment on it. In regards to review cycles, managers of managers will only be able to take action if the admin has taken the additional steps to assign them a responsibility in the cycle. If you have enabled Feedback, a Skip Level Manager will have visibility into private+manager and manager-only feedback of their indirect reports. 

How to Edit Skip Level Manager Company Permissions:

Step 1:  You can view Skip Level Manager company permissions as an Admin by going to the "Admin" tab, scrolling down to the People "Permissions" section, and
clicking into "Platform Roles."

Step 2: You can view all Skip Level Managers in the org by selecting "View employee list."

Step 3: To add or remove Skip Level Manger visibility into Reviews, Updates or Feedback, click the box to the left if the permission.

Please note: Any changes made in Manager of Manager Company Permissions will be effective for ALL Skip Level Managers.  

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