What is a Review Cycle Admin?

A review cycle admin in Lattice is a user who has been given permission to create and manage review cycles for anyone in their org.

What Visibility Does a Review Cycle Admin Have?

Review cycle admins have visibility into all review cycles that they have created. They do not have visibility into tools outside of Reviews. They will be given an "Admin" tab, but they only see a section for Reviews (unless they have been given permissions for other tools). 

What Can a Review Cycle Admin Manage?

A review cycle admin can manage anything having to do with the Reviews tool for cycles that they have created.

How to Make a User a Review Cycle Admin

To give someone review cycle admin privileges, a current Admin can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to the "Admin" panel found on the top navigation bar

Step 2: Find the user found under "Employees"

Step 3: Click on the ellipsis (...) to the right of the user's name

Step 4: Select "Edit permissions" from the dropdown

Step 5: Check the box to "Enable user to create review cycles"

If you have any questions about these permissions, feel free to reach out to a member of our Support Team by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of your screen!

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