What is an HR Generalist?

Typically an HR Generalist will help with onboarding new employees but does not have access to sensitive employee information, such as employee reviews or feedback.

What Visibility Does an HR Generalist Have?

HR Generalists will have the admin tab in Lattice, but will only be able to see the "People" section. Under the people section, they will only see the "Employees" sub section. 

What Can an HR Generalist Manage?

HR Generalists will be able to add to users to Lattice by either directly adding them in the system or by CSV upload. HR Generalists will not be able to update employee profile information after the employee has been added to Lattice.

How to Set Up an HR Generalist:

Step 1: Create a new custom role.
Click on "Admin" at the top of the page, then "Permissions" on the left side panel. On the Permissions page, click "Custom roles" then click the "Create custom role" button.

Step 2: Name the Role HR Generalist and add the HR Generalist(s) to the role.

Step 3: Under Global Permissions click the check box next to "People."

Step 4: Click "Create role."

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